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Become a co-owner
in a racehorse syndicate,
ARQANA Racing Club
rolls out the red carpet for you.



«  When our horse won, it was a truly indescribable feeling, really experienced a rush of happiness. The success meant even more because we had followed his physical preparation and progress since he was bought, and shared unforgettable memories in training ».



«  It is being able to enjoy all the pleasure that racing can offer, without any constraints and with limited risks. My dream of being a racehorse owner has finally come true ».



«  I experienced unbelievable feelings that are difficult to describe, which were intensified even more because we were a club. I have fantastic memories and I have made friends ».



«  I have discovered unique and prestigious places, as well as met professionals that I would never normally have had access to. It is a fascinating world that I am now even more passionate about ».



«  My father enjoyed betting and I accompanied him every weekend to the races. Becoming a racehorse owner was a childhood dream. To be able to be one like this, is the icing on the cake ».



«  Each moment is an exceptional one, shared with the syndicate members. Even from afar, this is also true thanks to the excellent communication ».



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