A complementary service in relation to the horse

A complementary service in relation to the horse

11 April 2015

ARQANA Racing Club invites the Vendôme and Omnium Racing Club shareholders to a wonderful day in Saumur in order to discover the famous ‘Blondeau method', an approach which respects the horse (from breaking in to confidence building) which champions such as Avenir Certain and Goldikova have benefited from. A unique and wonderfully informative opportunity to have a fresh view of our relationship with the horse.  

The Blondeau approach 

« To make life more straightforward for humans and more pleasant for horses » translates in just a few words the philosophy of the famous « Blondeau method ». Nicolas Blondeau has been working on its premise since 1968, at which time breaking in horses, which had been the work of the military, was a method more tailored to humans than to horses, with the latter having to be operational very quickly. Nicolas Blondeau's approach response to both our need to prepare a horse for its future career within a short space of time, whilst also preserving its potential and taking on board its sensitiveness – « man should be adapted to the horse rather than the other way around ». Alongside his work with horses (breaking in, confidence building and personalised follow-up, Nicolas Blondeau founded the Ecole Blondeau in order to train humans, which for him is inextricably linked and complimentary.  His client base is made up of 75% racehorses, 20% competition horses and 5% trotting horses.  Among the famous horses to have benefited from his expertise, standout names include Champions Avenir Certain and Goldikova.

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