To discover ... Racing Explained

To discover ... Racing Explained

05 December 2014

To conquest his public, demystify horse racing and make them more accessible and understandable, the UK Jockey Club launches a new initiative : Racing Explained.

The purpose of the Jockey Club is to help his clients discovering and understanding the sport, to encourage them to come back at racecourses and to, at the end, build a new database of customers and racegoers. The company deduced from different surveys conducted that races need to be understood to be fully enjoyed : races would be otherwise only an opportunity to get out and to have a good time. This is a very logical analysis, at a time when European turf is looking at new fans. In this perspective, the Jockey Club has developed Racing Explained, rich of several initiatives in the likes of teaching short films, a better use of new technologies and social networks to improve the customer experience, a more educational presentation of the program, etc. To all these initiaves can be added an easy to use web site,, fully adapted to Ipads and smartphones. This website is concentrated on racing basing terms to fully enjoy a time at the races.

Extract from December 5 JDG

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