Who is in charge of the ARQANA Racing Club?

ARQANA Racing Club is owned by ARQANA SAS. Each syndicate launched under this label will officially be managed by Eric Hoyeau, ARQANA's President.

What is the role of the ARQANA Racing Club?

Its role is multiple. Firstly, it consists of bringing together a group of people to form a syndicate with clearly defined parameters (number of horses, financial terms). Then ARQANA Racing Club will take on the role of racing manager (selection of trainers, syndicate administration, supervision of racing strategy for the horses) and a communication role so that each shareholder is perfectly informed of every event relating to the syndicates and so that each shareholder also has the opportunity to discover every facet of the racing industry. Finally, ARQANA Racing Club will also take care of the dispersal of each syndicate when it has run its course.

Does ARQANA own any shares in any of the syndicates?

No. ARQANA, through ARQANA Racing Club, limits its role to that of racing manager and facilitator into the world of racing.

How long does each syndicate last?

One of the unique attributes of the syndicates launched under the ARQANA Racing Club banner is their limited lifespan. The general principle is that all the horses bought as yearlings are sold at the end of their three year old career, meaning that the syndicate has a lifespan of 2 ½ years approximately.

Why limit the lifespan of a syndicate in this way?

We feel it is important for the shareholders to fix a timescale on the project and therefore have a fixed deadline when each member can hope to recoup part or all (or even more!) of their original stake. More often than not, horses tend to fulfil their potential in their ‘Classic’ year as three year olds. At the end of their three year old career, those who still have significant potential can be sold very well. The more modest horses on the other hand have no real reason for carrying on an extra year. In certain cases, ARQANA Racing Club and the trainer might consider it opportune to keep a horse in training an extra year if it is a horse showing a lot of promise for a four year old career and who has not had a chance to show its true colours as a three year old.

What happens at the end of each racing syndicate?

All the horses are sold, consequently leading to the dispersal of the syndicates. ARQANA Racing Club then takes care of the distribution of the net gains from the sale of the stock between the different shareholders.

The sale of the horses is part of the concept of each syndicate. The person managing the ARQANA Racing Club will therefore enter the various syndicate horses into the sales which are most appropriate for each individual horse.
In the case of a possible sale, for example following a firm offer from a third party, the decision will be entirely that of the shareholders. The ARQANA Racing Club manager will in this case have just an advisory role. He will give the shareholders his opinion on the quality of the offer based on his own valuation of the horse and consequently on the decision to accept the offer or not.

Who decides on the sale price of the horses ?

The market! Whether it is a private sale or public sale (at auction), the price is the market price. This does not rule out in the case of a public sale the possibility of fixing a price bracket, which if it is not reached, could incite the shareholders to keep the horse and continue to run him.

Can I invite my friends to the races?

Yes. With just a little bit of forewarning, you can be given extra entry passes for your friends when you come racing. You’ll just need to ask the team at ARQANA Racing Club.

Who will name the horses ?

You! The vast majority of yearlings are sold without names. It will therefore be your responsibility and that of the other shareholders to name your horses.