How it works



Our ambition:
to make you experience unforgettable moments
in the most optimal conditions


Syndicates with the name ARQANA Racing Club
are managed
by the President of ARQANA,
the leading auction house for racehorses in France. 


The price of one share covers all the costs for the syndicate throughout its life span,
from the horses’ purchase to the training costs (training fees, blacksmith, insurance, etc) and the racing costs (entries, transport, etc). Shareholders are only asked for money once, when the statutes are signed.

Répartition du budget


Any prizemoney gained from France Galop is entirely redistributed to the shareholders,
as are the net proceeds of the sale of each horse. The syndicate accounts are monitored by an independent accountancy firm, thus ensuring total transparency on behalf of the members.


All accountancy and administration duties are undertaken
by ARQANA Racing Club,
as are the communication and organization for the syndicate.
With none of the bother, you can concentrate solely on the fun aspect.


The best professionals are selected by ARQANA Racing Club.
The trainer is the key element of the operation as he (or she) is the one shaping the equine athlete and managing its race career to the best of his ability. He is also responsible for buying horses on behalf of the syndicate, alongside a bloodstock agent of his choice. ARQANA Racing Club selects its trainers according to several criteria, including their performances in recent years and their ability to interact with syndicate members.


Each syndicate has a lifespan of two years,
and the syndicate horses are sold at the end of this period. The syndicate is then dissolved and each shareholder recovers his share of the money still held in treasury, in proportion to the number of shares he holds.


Key stages in a syndicate's lifespan

Year X

August X

First round of horse purchases

September - December X


October X

Signature of statutes for the joint-venture enterprise

October X

Racing silks selection

October - November X

Second round of horse purchases

December X

Syndicate horse naming

Year X+1

January - Decembere X+1


February X+1

Yearling Parade

May X+1

Third round of horse purchases

June X+1

First runners

June - Decembere X+1


Year X+2

January - December X+2

Racing and Training

October - December X+2

Sale of syndicate horses

December X+2

Dissolving the syndicate