Your benefits


A newsletter for optimal tracking of every aspect of the syndicate with twice monthly training reports, pre and post race reports, entries and results, photos and videos, news and invitations...


Ownership status with France Galop for both you and your partner, giving you access to professional areas on all racecourses


A special welcome on all racecourses for each runner with access to the stables and to the parade ring for the instructions and post-race debrief with the trainer and jockey.


Premium events offering complete immersion behind the scenes of the thoroughbred breeding, training, racing and sales world.


 What they say

«  When our horse won, it was a truly indescribable feeling, really experienced a rush of happiness. The success meant even more because we had followed his physical preparation and progress since he was bought, and shared unforgettable memories in training ».

«  It is being able to enjoy all the pleasure that racing can offer, without any constraints and with limited risks. My dream of being a racehorse owner has finally come true ».

«  I experienced unbelievable feelings that are difficult to describe, which were intensified even more because we were a club. I have fantastic memories and I have made friends ».

«  I have discovered unique and prestigious places, as well as met professionals that I would never normally have had access to. It is a fascinating world that I am now even more passionate about ».

«  My father enjoyed betting and I accompanied him every weekend to the races. Becoming a racehorse owner was a childhood dream. To be able to be one like this, is the icing on the cake ».

«  Each moment is an exceptional one, shared with the syndicate members. Even from afar, this is also true thanks to the excellent communication ».

What they live

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A season with Ecurie Bering

Behind-the-scenes of a victory

A year with Ecurie Triptych